January 31, 2019 - Automotive

What to Expect for Electric Vehicle Market in 2019

As electric vehicle (EV) U.S. sales are slated to rise, find out what key market trends to expect in 2019.

Enhanced Product Offering

Currently, EVs available to consumers have been sedans and hatchbacks with a few exceptions. This year, however, electric SUVs are predicted to make inroads in the market. With as many as nine electric SUVs forecast for 2019, according to Green Car Reports, this enhanced product offering is critical to the EV market’s success. This is because having more choices will propel EVs from just early adopters to being a mainstream driving option.

electric vehicle

Increased Battery Range

Additionally, 2019 marks the first year an average battery range will be over 200 miles. This range will continue to increase, predicted to reach 400 miles by 2028. The increased mileage capacity is due in large part to battery pack upgrades as well as increased investment in battery technology and manufacturing efficiencies.

Further, this increased battery range will likely increase EVs’ consumer appeal even more. For example, the impact of improved batteries could include:

  • Shift to leasing vehicles
  • More cost-effective EV options (especially as battery prices decrease)

For more insight into what to expect for EVs in 2019, view this Forbes article.

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