January 20, 2021 - Assembly

Why Appliance Manufacturing Needs Appliance Adhesives

Currently, appliance manufacturing is largely a manual process. Time consuming and labor intensive, it can be difficult for manufacturers to meet high output demands efficiently. Fortunately, appliance adhesives can improve their processes and increase operational efficiencies by:

Enabling Automation

Designed specifically for automated equipment, adhesives help streamline the assembly process. In addition to reducing the need for manual application, they also decrease waste. This is because the equipment can be programmed to dispense only the specific needed amount of adhesive for bonding.

Reducing Complexity

Additionally, appliance adhesives help reduce production line complexity. This is because the same type of technology can work across appliance applications. Further, they can solve certain challenges that other assembly processes may cause. For example, adhesives can prevent insulation foam from expelling out of the appliance during manufacturing.

appliance adhesives

Increasing Opportunities

Appliance adhesives also allow for increased design opportunities due to their versatile bonding capabilities. For instance, as appliance manufacturers shift away from using steel and consider using plastic, adhesives enable otherwise impossible design options to become possible. This helps manufacturers consider further efficiency improvements as well.

Bostik manufacturers appliance adhesives designed specifically to improve operational efficiencies, reduce overall costs and enhance end-use aesthetics. For more information, contact us today, or view this other relevant content:

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