June 21, 2019 - Flexible Packaging

Why Bostik is a Leader in the Cold Seal Adhesive Market

Over thirty-five years ago, Bostik was the first to develop a type of adhesive called a “cold seal”. A disruptive technology back then, cold seal adhesives have since become a go-to option in food and medical packaging applications especially.

Gain insight into why Bostik is a leader in the cold seal adhesive market.

Technical Expertise

Given our years of experience working with cold seals, Bostik’s team has developed the technical know-how to serve customers and solve any issues associated with cold seal adhesives. Common issues Bostik’s cold seal adhesives help avoid include:

  • Machining problems:
    • Our adhesives produce less splatter than other available options. As a result, customers’ machines can run faster and with less downtime needed for clean up.
  • Seal performance issues:
    • Bostik’s cold seal adhesives are formulated to bond difficult substrates together while giving customers the required peel for their application. By offering a range of peel values, we are able to more easily meet seal performance requirements and avoid adhesive failure.
  • Offset contamination:
    • Even though manufacturing processes are designed to avoid contamination, it can sometimes still happen. Bostik’s adhesives offer an in-can preservative additive, so that if contaminants are introduced into production, they can be counteracted and avoid any issues.

cold seal adhesives

Industry Presence

Holding a large share of the cold seal industry, our footprint as a global entity has grown under Arkema. In particular, our access to many channels enables us to more easily obtain raw materials. This, combined with our range of experience in cold seal adhesives, helps us meet customers’ needs.


While many of Bostik’s initial cold seal adhesive formulations continue to see high use in applications today, we have adapted to the changing market as needed. For example, we have modified formulations to work with new and emerging lower cost and higher performing substrates.

For information on specific cold seal adhesives and how they can help your applications, contact a Bostik expert today.

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