August 16, 2016 - Tape & Label

Why H2916H is a Smart Linerless Label Adhesive Product

In a recent blog, we discussed the linerless label market growth. While still a relatively new shift in the industry, linerless labels are quickly gaining momentum. These types of labels, which adhere to substrates without the need of a release liner and offer companies various benefits, equating to overall cost savings and improved operational efficiencies.

Let’s take a closer look at one adhesive product, H2916H, in particular and why it stands out in the linerless label market.

Bostik’s H2916H is a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive that offers several benefits including:

  • Good repositionable properties
  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent tack and peel

In addition, this product has been successful in linerless label applications for the following reasons:

Quick Stick Properties:

H2916H has the ability to form a sufficient bond with very little pressure. It essentially clings and sticks to substrates itself. This is especially important in avoiding common label production line problems.

For example, companies have experienced issues with achieving sufficient bonds using low application pressure. Insufficient bonds can result in flagged labels or lost labels, leading to lost products and returns. H2916H bonds quickly and aggressively to a wide range of substrates even under minimal pressure. Substrates include:

  • Recycled, corrugated boxes
  • Metals
  • Plastics

Runs Well Through Rollers:

Bostik’s H2916H also runs well through various types of print and labeling equipment. This allows for very good print quality with little to no residue on the rollers, virtually eliminating the issue of jams and wraps.

Eliminating wrap jams and mitigating downtime allows customers to attain the maximum benefits of linerless technology. Keeping labeling lines moving, this increases production efficiency and maximizes output.

As a result, customers are able to maintain production efficiency, saving them time and money.

H2916H Applications:

This adhesive product works well in several linerless label applications:

  • VIP Label (variable information printing), which is the largest growth area of the linerless label market
  • Weigh scale
  • Mobile printers

For more information on how H2916H can benefit your linerless label applications, contact a Bostik representative today.

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