June 10, 2015 - Flexible Packaging

M-Resins Are Your Packaging Solution

In today’s grab-and-go world, the benefits and use of peelable and resealable packaging for multi-serve products is growing. Packages that give purpose beyond purchase are a valuable selling point that differentiates products amongst the competition. Though there are several options to explore within the resealable adhesive market, here are the top reasons to explore our smart adhesives, M-Resins, for your resealable packaging needs.

1. Experience in the Industry
As one of the world’s largest adhesive manufacturers, we have proven our ability to stay ahead of trends and technology within the resealable packaging market. We have secured patents for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) technology that is being used for resealable food packaging. We were also one of the first to commercialize this adhesive technology to use as a resealing layer of a thermoformed tray lid. Even with all this success, we continue to stay on top of packaging advancements and develop the technology to match.

2. Operational Efficiency
The free flowing, uniform-size pellets result in easy feeding into existing equipment as they are compatible with blown extrusion resins and many screw and barrel designs. The fast packaging speeds for the packaging manufacturer means lower cost-in use. By creating lidding that is peelable and resealable, the end user’s need for a secondary pressure sensitive label or rigid lid is eliminated.

3. Balancing Hermeticity with Resealability
Using mainly thermoplastic elastomers, M-Resins stay in the sweet-spot between a hermetic yet resealable once opened by the consumer. This lengthens the life of food, as well as provides convenience for the consumer. Perfecting the balance means a quality product that consumers will seek for its ease of use and the elimination of the need to repackage food using secondary packaging.

4. Customization
We have a number of options for resealable packaging, which include M-Resins. If our products not fit your application perfectly, we are always ready to partner with your company to create a custom formulation that fits a niche or specific need. Our adhesives would not be what they are today without continuous innovation— being at the forefront of introducing new and innovative reseal technology means the best is yet to come.

Our M-Resin adhesive technology is suitable for many packaging applications, especially food packaging. Wondering if M-Resins would be the right adhesive for your application? Get in touch with our adhesive experts today for more information!

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