June 1, 2021 - Tape & Label

Why Quick Service Restaurants Need Your Labels to be Linerless

As quick service restaurants rapidly grow through 2026, they become faced with rising operational challenges due to increased custom orders and faster output needs. Fortunately, linerless labels can address these issues and streamline processes in the following ways:

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Linerless labels are labels that adhere to surfaces without requiring a release liner to be removed first. As a result, they increase the speed in which quick service restaurants can apply a label to a food order.

Further, linerless labels require fewer roll changes when compared to traditional labels. This means that more customers can be served faster, and downtime to change the label roll is reduced.

Enhanced Worker Safety

Additionally, linerless labels improve quick service restaurant workers’ safety when compared to traditional labels. This is because linerless labels don’t have release liners, which can fall to the floor and pose as slip hazards in restaurant conditions.

Reduced Material Waste

Linerless labels also enable quick service restaurants to reduce material waste. This is because there are no release liners to dispose, and labels can be printed to the exact length needed for an order request. Only the minimum amount of label is used.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Further, linerless labels help quick service restaurants’ increase their customer satisfaction. Labels are applied directly to the outside of the food wrappers, which eliminates the need for customers to open the wrapper to determine if the order is theirs. This also helps when orders are more custom and complex.

Why Your Linerless Labels Need Bostik’s Newest Linerless Label Adhesive

With increased consumer attention and pressure on food service companies to reduce packaging, linerless labels enable food products to be labels in a way that reduces waste while increasing efficiency.

Bostik offers a range of linerless label adhesives, including its newest addition designed specifically for quick service restaurant application needs. Easy to remove without residue, this latest innovation is approved maintains adhesion in high temperature environments.

Contact a Bostik representative today to learn how this adhesive can help your linerless labels better meet quick service restaurant needs. You can also view this relevant content:

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