June 3, 2021 - Building & Construction

Why Sealants Should Not be Overlooked In Constructing Metal Roofs

According to Roofing Contractor, metal is known as one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options currently on the market. In addition to potential energy savings, metal roofs offer longevity and recyclability.

Furthermore, recent interests in energy efficiency and sustainable construction methods are expected to cause renewed growth in metal roofs. For example, metal roofs’ energy efficiency capabilities help with the integration of insulation and underlayment materials. The type of roof also is the preferred platform for solar energy systems, which continue to gain market share.

Yet while metal roofs are gaining popularity in both the residential and commercial sectors, one important component in their assembly remains overlooked: sealants.

Sealants are often overlooked in the metal roof building assembly, because they are typically a fraction of the overall roof cost. As a result, not a lot of thought is typically put into sourcing and specifying which sealants to use.

metal roofs

However, sealants are one of the most important components in waterproofing protection. If overlooked, then leaks or water infiltration can occur from gaps or areas of dissimilar substrates that need to be sealed.

Sealants are needed to build a watertight structure. Additionally, ensuring the proper sealant is chosen when constructing a metal roof can make a difference in the roof’s overall longevity, functionality and durability.

Metal roof sealants also help with structural stability through elastic bonding, enabling the whole roofing or metal building system to perform better when sealants are used throughout the entire surface.

Bostik’s products in particular are ideal for metal roof applications and are backed by a best-in-class warranty. They form watertight bonds on metal roof and metal construction surfaces that are coated with Arkema’s Kynar 500 resin-based coatings and Kynar field-applied Aquatec coatings. As a result, they enable metal roofs and construction surfaces to perform better overall.

For more information on sealants used in metal roofs and metal construction surfaces, call 800-7-BOSTIK.

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