June 11, 2020 - Tape & Label

Why You, Your Customers Need Freezer Label Hot Melts

While the market offers several adhesive chemistries for freezer label construction, not all chemistries can withstand all label application environments and end-use conditions. To avoid potential failures and improve processes and quality, it’s important to manufacture freezer labels with hot melt adhesives. Here’s why:

You Don’t Know How or Where Your Customers Will Apply the Labels

Once your freezer labels are manufactured and sent to your end-use customers, how and where the labels are applied is up to them. They may choose to apply the labels in the freezer to a frozen or non-frozen substrate. Or, they may choose to apply the labels outside of the freezer and wait before putting the substrate into the freezer. In these cases, the following freezer label adhesive chemistries will work:

  • Hot melt
  • Acrylic solvent
  • Acrylic emulsion

However, if the labels are applied to a frozen substrate and placed immediately in the freezer, only one adhesive chemistry will be up to the challenge:

  • Hot melt

This is because freezer grade hot melt adhesives offer the best quick stick properties and they reach their ultimate bond strengths faster than acrylic chemistries.  By using hot melt adhesives, you can rest assured that your freezer labels will be up for the challenge no matter how or where your customers apply them.

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You Want to be Sure Your Customers Get Exactly the Right Performance Level

In addition to not knowing how or where your customers will apply the labels, you also want to be sure your freezer labels possess only the needed performance parameters customers need. Certain adhesive technologies may be over-engineered for freezer label end-use applications.

For example, while solvent acrylic adhesives can be used for freezer labels, they offer a very broad temperature range. While this may seem advantageous, it is actually unnecessary for the adhesive to have extremely high temperature performance capabilities.

On the other hand, hot melt adhesives possess the most optimal temperature range for freezer label end-use application environments. By incorporating these into your freezer label construction, your customers will get the exact performance they need.

Bostik offers a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive ideal for freezer label applications. This product, Thermogrip® 2259-01, features:

  • Excellent cold temperature performance
    • The product will maintain a bond in any freezer environment
  • Superior adhesion to polyolefin substrates
    • It can adhere to common food packaging substrates, such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP.
  • Very good processability
    • The product can be coated and die-cut without any issues.

Contact a Bostik representative to learn how this product can give you what you want and your customers deserve. You can also check out this other relevant content:

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