December 1, 2017 - Tape & Label

Why Your Bottles Need the No-Label Look

According to Transparency Market Research, clear labels are expected to witness above average growth through 2024. Also called the no-label look, clear labels provide distinct advantages over other label options for the food, beverage and beauty industries especially.

Gain insight into top reasons why your bottles need the no-label look and how it can benefit your brand and company overall:

  1. Resonate with Consumer Values

In today’s competitive retail space, companies strive for ways to get their products noticed on store shelves. Clear labels are one way to help boost product visibility by appealing to consumer values.

This is due in large part because clear labels imply a natural quality to the product. As consumers gravitate toward clean, natural products, the no-label look helps companies promote that as part of their brand image.

  1. Meet Product Regulationsno-label look

Clear labels help brand owners more easily meet regulatory demands. This is because the label provides clear visibility of the product while also conveying the needed regulatory information.

  1. Enhance product packaging

Additionally, clear labels are moisture resistant, which helps preserve product integrity during shipping and storage. They also create a more luxurious, aesthetically pleasing look to the product. Available in both matte and glossy finishes, clear labels enhance the product’s perceived value among consumers.

  1. See economical benefits

Clear labels also offer companies cost savings over printing directly onto the bottle. This is because the no-label look saves on total shipping costs associated with transporting the bottles to and from the printing company.

However, clear labels are only as smart as the adhesives used to apply them. Bostik manufactures smart clear label adhesives that can withstand application demands while improving products overall. For more information on these smart clear label adhesives and how your company can get the no-label look, call 800-7-BOSTIK, or visit www.bostik.com/us.

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