May 24, 2021 - Tape & Label

Why Your Portfolio Needs Ecommerce Tapes

As a tape manufacturer, you want to keep up with trends in emerging markets that can bring new opportunities for you.Ecommerce is one market in particular to ensure you take note. Not only has it grown exponentially in recent years, but consumers now also rely on ecommerce for more complex goods and services, like meal kit delivery, medical services and more. As a result, the needs of this market and the packaging needed to support it are evolving to include increased security and heightened flexibility.Learn why you should include ecommerce packaging tapes in your portfolio and how the right tapes can help you address the changing market needs.

How the Ecommerce Market Is Evolving

As the popularity of online shopping continues to grow, consumers are relying on ecommerce for more items than ever before. Additionally, the type of products and packaging they’re looking to get delivered to their doors is changing, too. These changes include:

  • Food and drug products: Food items, meal kits and prescriptions can now be bought and sold online, adding convenience when purchasing basic goods.
  • Lightweight packaging:   While consumers are willing to buy many items online, they also desire to keep shipping prices at a minimum. Manufacturers have turned to lightweight packaging options like envelopes and bags when shipping small items, since they can help reduce shipping costs.

Why Ecommerce Tape is More Important Than Ever

As these changes become more prevalent, tapes must adapt to meet complex needs for new ecommerce packaging formats. Some of these needs include:

Increased security

When shipping food and medicine, it’s important to ensure the contents will not be contaminated or tampered with before it arrives to the intended user. If contamination occurs, it could pose health risks to consumers. So, enhanced security features are a must. However, the package must still be easy to open for the end user, or it could lead to customer dissatisfaction. 

Heightened flexibility

Since lightweight envelopes and bags can flex and bend during shipment, their closures must also be flexible yet strong to ensure the package will not open prematurely. Additionally, the closure should also be flat and discreet to avoid adding weight back into the package design. Finding the balance between lightweight properties, flexibility, and bond strength can be difficult for these packaging formats.

Manufacturing tapes that can meet these complex needs is critical, because it will enable you to address ecommerce trends and better satisfy consumers. Whether you’re exploring ecommerce tapes for the first time or looking to continue growing in the market, ensure your portfolio offers tapes that can address these needs.

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How the Right Tape Can Help You Address Market Changes

Addressing these ecommerce market changes can be easy when your portfolio includes solutions like tamper-evident tape and transfer tape. Here’s how these options can help:

Tamper-evident tape

Manufacturing tamper-evident tape can allow you to provide increased security for food and medicine packaging without compromising on ease-of-use. This type of tape may leave a message on the package like “void” or “open” after it has been torn or may rip in such a way that it cannot be re-adhered after opening. These characteristics can alert a consumer if a package has been previously opened and may be contaminated. Further, the tape can be peeled or cut off to access the package contents, making it easily removable.

Transfer tape

Manufacturing transfer tapes can help you address the need for improved flexibility in ecommerce packaging. Comprised of a pressure sensitive adhesive with a release liner on one side, these tapes simply transfer the adhesive onto the package to act as a closure. Since no carrier is included in the tape, the closure can flex and conform to irregular shapes without breaking. This type of closure is also completely flat and lightweight to maintain low shipping costs. Finally, the release liner can help preserve the adhesive’s strength until it the package is ready to be sealed. This ensures you’ll achieve a strong bond every time.

How Bostik Can Help

Bostik offers adhesives that can help you easily manufacture tamper-evident and transfer tapes. With our solutions, you can easily expand your portfolio, allowing you to explore opportunities the ecommerce market. Contact a Bostik expert today to see how we can help you reach these goals.

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